Proposed Membership Levels

Support Steel City Backgammon and get perks!

Members are committed players who contribute money as well as time to support the club. They will grow the game, grow the club, and make it more fun for everyone by providing a budget for basics like calling cards, printed brochures and flyers, office supplies, website costs, maybe even a trophy or two throughout the year.

If you haven't already, please take a quick look at the Organization section of the About the Club page. It describes the proposed participation levels and gives some motivation for why you might want to become a member of the club and contribute financially.

Below are the proposed membership levels. This should be discussed and voted on, but I find it's always better to start with a concrete proposal when trying something new.


$30.00 / year

  • Support the club and watch it grow
  • Vote for the board of directors and any general-membership questions
  • Attend the annual meeting / party
  • Be eligible for the player-of-the-year award
  • Be recognized publicly on our website


$10.00 / month

  • All the benefits of contributing members
  • A special SCBG cube, to be awarded at the annual meeting
  • One free tournament entry per year
  • A short profile on our website


$1000.00 or more

  • All the benefits of sustaining members
  • A personalized gold cube, to be awarded at the annual meeting
  • Recognition at every annual meeting forever
  • A longer profile displayed prominently on our website