Join the Steel City Backgammon Club and get perks!

Support the club and promote the game you love at the same time.

You can show your commitment to the game by contributing once a year to support SCBG. This will help us "keep the lights on", i.e. pay our website costs and our meetup dues, and keep a small bank account to buy basics like calling cards, printed brochures and flyers, office supplies, and maybe even a trophy or two throughout the year.

Membership does not affect eligibility for live events or their entry fees. Those will still be collected from everyone as they are now.

Becoming a social member is only $30 a year and gets you all of these benefits:

Social Member

$ 30.00 / year

  • Be eligible for an online account on social media and the website. You can post, comment, and participate in learning tools.
  • Be eligible for the player-of-the-year and attendance awards
  • Vote for the board of directors and any general-membership questions
  • Attend the annual meeting / party
  • Receive a printed newsletter in the mail quarterly

For a limited time, our most committed members can become Founding Members! For $100 you will receive a Social membership and all those benefits, plus a limited-edition T-shirt or backgammon cube only available to founding members, plus recognition on our website and onstage at the annual meeting.

The founding members will "kickstart" our membership drive and our bank account.